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Lakhóta TrueType® fonts for Windows

Currently, I have several Lakhóta TrueType® ANSI fonts. They are Roman serif fonts with four styles: regular; italic; bold-italic, and bold.

I also have a unicode Lakhóta TrueType® sans serif font.

I am currently working on a TrueType® mono-spaced and a LCD font, which can be used on mobile operating systems such as Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Symbian OS.

I will have an open-type Lakhóta font available in late 2007.

Mac & others

The above listed fonts will be converted into cross-platform versions as time provides.

Typing Lakhóta text

I will provide the text that can be copied and pasted to create a keyboard program so that the fonts can be used to type Lakhóta text using the fonts that I will provide.
The application that uses the keyboard program is available for download elsewhere on the internet for a 30-day trial period.