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Download and install fonts.

The links below provide free fonts to display the Lakhota and Vietnamese languages in the online Myriad Player. The fonts are ANSI, not unicode, because the Myriad Player does not yet support unicode. All that this means for you is that if the Myriad Player does not properly display the text of the lyrics, you may have to find a solution by adjusting your internet browser settings. There are many sites available on the internet that provide useful information on how to do this.

The fonts, unfortunately, are for Windows only. I have my ANSI fonts, with an auto-installer for Windows, that simplifies this process. I also have fonts for the Macintosh for these particular files which I will make available at a later date. Until then, there are limitations of these particular free online fonts. The Lakhota fonts are in a .zip format and must be downloaded and installed manually. The same applies to the Vietnamese font. A particular problem of this Vietnamese font is that some of the characters do not display correctly in the Myriad Player. This is because the characters are not in the font itself. This is a problem associated with the font only and neither your browser nor your Windows operating system.

The links on this page do not constitute an endorsement of my site by the providers. They may at any time, for any reason, decide to disable my links directly to their sites.

Go here for the Lakhota font.

Go here for the VPS Quang Duc font. Install only the VPS Quang Duc font and not the VPS Quang Duc Hoa font.