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Trịnh Công Sơn

Trịnh Công Sơn, born 1939 died in 2001.

Khánh Ly performed 19 of his songs, accompanied by the Blue Notes, on "Hát cho quê hứơng Việt Nam: Khánh Ly 2".

The excellent midi sequence by Phuong Nguyen differs slightly from Khánh Ly's recorded version in tempo and arrangement. The tempo of Phuong Nguyen's midi sequence is much, much faster than Khánh Ly's version. Also, Phuong Nguyen's midi sequence did not provide a lyric line, so I edited the lyrics into the piece so that a person could follow the lyrics through the song as the song scrolls through the Myriad player.

Although the Vietnamese text on the Myriad Player title window, and on the "info" window appears scrambled, this error is the result of Microsoft Windows not assigning the correct text encoding to the Myriad Player. The complete Vietnamese lyrics are here.

Chưa Mòn Giấc Mơ

I have enabled document protection options. Lyrics that appear in the text-only player window cannot be copied and saved.
Also, the document can be downloaded to a local computer and saved by clicking on the "Save" button but it cannot be opened without a password.