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This page deals with some problems of the Lakhóta and Dakhóta language. I compare these problems with the obstacles that the Vietnamese language has confronted and overcome.

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The links to the samples below are gif images of fonts for several methods of writing the Lakhóta language. The fonts for writing the Lakhóta/Dakhóta language are from the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

The diacritic marks of each writing method are included, as well as the full English alphabet. Some of the characters in the English alphabet are not part of the writing systems. As an example, "F", "W", "J" and "Z" are not part of the Vietnamese alphabet but are included in the Quang Duc font because of Vietnamese/English transcription.

  • Colorado University Lakhóta Project sample.

Samples of Lakhóta transcription on the link below.



  • I'm made my own Vietnamese font, "TrinhCongSon Serif.ttf", and an accompanying keyboard-mapping program for the PC. I've named the font after my favorite Vietnamese composer.
    Hotshot of the accented letters of my font here.
    It is large, W=439 x H=417.

I've transcribed the Vietnamese text from an essay, "You Are Responsible?" by Ven. Dr. K Sri Dhammananda translated by Trinh Tri Chon.

  • In order to view the Vietnamese language online, you may need to test your browser to see if your browser supports the font. Windows browser test here.
  • Macintosh OS, Unix, Linux and Opera browser unicode information here.

The format of the original editing has been preserved as closely as possible. Only the font style, size and color have been changed. The content has not been modified.
A link to an online Vietnamese - English dictionary is located on the bottom of each page. Enter a Vietnamese word and find its English translation.



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