Graphic Elements of Lakhótuyapi CDROM liner, cover, and notes.

In the summer of 2000, Doug Boyd, owner of Field Of Visions, and Cal Thunder Hawk, an associate of Field Of Visions, had a unique opportunity to begin work on producing a multimedia interactive CDROM for learning the Lakhóta language. Mr. Leo Chasing In Timber, a relative of Cal's, agreed to provide a narrative, spoken in the Lakhóta language, that would become the basis for a demonstration of the Field Of Visions capabilities for producing a CDROM.

Doug shot the footage of Mr. Chasing In Timber on the morning of June 21, 2000, at the Rosebud Sioux Buffalo range. The occasion was the harvesting of a buffalo for a local tribal program. Mr. Chasing In Timber described the significance of the buffalo to the Lakhóta people.

Jason Davis, an associate of Field Of Visions, took the footage of Mr. Chasing In Timber's narrative and combined it with the text of the translation that had been interlinearized by Cal. Jason edited the footage and text into the multimedia interactive CDROM format and produced a CDROM.

The three individual files are in the .jpg format.

The three individual files have been combined into one document in the .pdf format. The file is large, 900k.

  • Lakhótuyapi CD-ROM cover, liner and notes in the Adobe Acrobat .pdf format here.

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